Get This Report on Scientology Deutschland Kirchen

Get This Report on Scientology Deutschland Kirchen

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Not known Facts About Scientology Betriebe Deutschland

While German law for charitable companies permits different memberships, it means likewise various obligations, which was not the instance here. The court even questions that he was a "member" as stated by the law at all.

Are you under the command of an organisation that utilizes the technology of LRH? Did you, in the last 12 months, or do you take programs by organisations using the modern technology of LRH? The viability for work in the public sector would certainly be skeptical for officials and also workers with links to Scientology in the light of the company's insurance claims to abolutism as well as the total orientation towards its objectives, which can provide rise to a conflict of passions with the obligations of public service.

Applicants that fail to distance themselves from these goals in satisfactory or legitimate fashion, can not be hired. In the instance of employees of the State of Bavaria that have links to the organization, the government will have to inspect whether service responsibilities have been broken. If needed, disciplinary activity will certainly need to be taken, which can lead to discharge from service in extreme instances.

Below a survey from May 1995, from "Die Woche". Did you ever read about Scientology? Yes: 63%No: 37% What do you get in touch with Scientology? Favorable things: 9%Nevative points: 90%Do not know: 1% Should Scientology be forbidden? (*) Yes: 69%No: 18%Don't recognize: 13% (*) Based on all people that have actually heard/ checked out regarding Scientology Right here a poll from November 1996, from "Pass away Woche".

Everything about Scientology Deutschland Religion

e. the Public Relations & dirty tricks dept. Germans would certainly call him "Der Mann fr's Grobe". It is interesting to have a look right into his legal record. In 1975 Kurt Weiland wrote in a flyer that cult doubter as well as protestant reverend FW Haack had actually "admitted to have actually printed the confession of a female in a sex magazine" which he had actually "damaged the 8th commandment".

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Weiland was likewise arraigned as well as punished to as fine of DM 100.-. In court, he excused himself by claiming that he was "unexperienced" because he had actually been the Public Relations individual for only 14 days back then. In 1976 Weiland claimed by mouth that "FW Haack has no reliability because he had broken his silence on a confession".

10.1985 Yes, if you have actually checked out the area concerning Kurt Weiland. Gisela Hackenjos was fingered for 1.

Note that Scientology has actually also won litigation. I have a couple of. I could include them when Scientology includes their "losses" and also eliminates their bogus victories. Think me: Scientology won much less. 11. 9.1992: Scientology loses the court instance against Hamburg MP Antje Blumenthal, stopping working to avoid her from asserting that "Property deals are the primary resource of income for Scientology".

The Scientology Deutschland Frankfurt Statements

1.1993, 2. 2.1993: Scientologist Peter-Uwe Krumholz sheds his court case against the "Berliner Zeitung", in which he attempted to compel the newspaper to publish his answer, in which he disputes the accusation that he is a Scientologist. (Which is absurd - he was the driving pressure in the Berlin Narconon scam in the 70ies, which led to completion find more of the state financing of Narconon).

(AG Hamburg 141 Js 769/93) On 11. 10.1994, the city of Bremen revokes the status of Scientology Bremen ("deregistration"). 11.1994, a Scientologist obtains detained after kidnapping his boy and also a wild car chase, and also after attempting to suffocate his kid (police had to break the window of the car to prevent this from being successful).

Scientology DeutschlandScientology Deutschland Erlaubt

7. Scientology Deutschland Erlaubt.1995, a Scientologist realty business loses its litigation in Berlin against lessees who had actually put up banners negative to Scientology August 1995: MP Renate Rennebach investigates Scientology's accusation that two children were eliminated out of a Kindergarten. She discovers that of both kids, one is attending courses there, and also the various other was never eliminated: instead, the protestant church area that runs the private Preschool rejected the application due to anxiety of the parents Scientology proselytizing.

10.1995, a Scientologist property service in Hamburg sheds a lawsuit versus the Berlin occupants company, who had actually noted him as a Scientologist. On 15. 10.1995, information appeared that the German taste of CCHR had contacts with serial killer Thomas Holst at the time he was in psychiatry.

Scientology Deutschland Facebook - The Facts

1. Scientology Deutschland Facebook.1996, the Scientology franchise in Mannheim loses a court case before the management court in Karlsruhe, thus is required to sign up as a business (Az: 6 K 2681/95). The court claims that it does not matter whether they actually make money or not, since this is the objective of Scientology in any instance.

3 - Scientology Deutschland Hauptsitz.1996, a Scientologist in Heidelberg is founded guilty to pay a penalty for intimidating to murder a 17 year old, that was critical of Scientology and participant of the trainees organization of the CDU event. He had claimed: "This is a genuine death threat from an actual Scientologist".(1st court AG Heidelberg v 28.

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